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Microsoft Dynamics Course Syllabus

Item Registration

  • Item Registration Setup
  • Automatic and Manual Registration of a Pick
  • Item registration of serialized and batch inventory
  •  Editing, Reversing and split picks
  • Release Sales order picking

Reservations and Marking

  • Reservation, Dimensions and Transactions
  • Reservation parameters
  • Manual Reservations
  • Automatic Reservations
  • Explosion Reservations
  •  View Reservations
  • Lock Reservations
  • Cancel Reservations
  • Batch Reservations
  •  Picking Reserved Items
  • Marking

Item Returns

  • Vendor Returns
  • Vendor Returns with serialized Items
  • Customer Returns
  • Customer serialized Returns

Customer and Vendor Trade Agreements

  • Setup Trade Agreements
  • Activate Trade Agreements
  • Trade Agreement Parameters
  • Make adjustments to Agreements
  • Supplementary Items

Inventory Closing

  • The fundamental Costing issue
  • Standard Cost Price
  • Estimated Inventory values before closing
  • Packing slip updates and inventory value
  •  Inventory models used for closing
  • The dimension group parameter financial
  • Inventory and inventory closing
  • Pre- closing actions
  • Closing Inventory
  • Inventory recalculation
  • Manual inventory adjustments
  •  Inventory costing and adjusting reports

Inventory Journal

  • Inventory Journal general setup
  • Journal Names
  • Dimensions and more
  • Posting
  • Profit/Loss and movement Journal
  • Transfer Journal
  • Bills of Material Journal
  • Counting Journals Setup
  • Warehouse Items
  • Counting groups
  • Creating and processing a counting journal
  • Tag counting Journal

Transfer Orders

  • Setup for transfer orders
  • Using the Transfer orders form
  • Picking items for a transfer order
  • Shipping and receiving a transfer order


  • Commission setup
  • Commission posting
  • Commission customer group and commission
  • Item Group
  • Commission sales group
  • Commission calculation
  • Viewing commission transactions
  • Commission transaction for item returns